Everything you need to know: The sex doll edition

Everything you need to know: The sex doll edition

Looking for a lover who's always on call? A woman you can legally bring home in a box? (kidding) Maybe you're interested in watching your partner with someone else but don't want the jealousy to creep into your relationship. 

Let's talk about introducing a doll into your life -- whether man, woman, single or partnered. The lonely weirdo with an inflatable friend in their closet is a thing of the past. 

No pressure!


Introduce a third

Tips and tricks of the trade

No pressure!

Masturbating is cool whether or not you have a partner. Getting off feels good and is good for you (check out this video we created if you don't believe me) and whether we admit it or not, sometimes its nice to not have to think about another person's needs. Masturbating can be all about you -- and so can fucking a sex doll. 

No worries regarding getting a partner off, showing your body if you haven't found love for it yet, worrying about how long you'll last or even that your partner will share your same kinks. 

Its a little time for you, your imagination and a willing participant.

Live out your fantasy

Haven't found a way to tell your husband you want to dominate him? A sex doll isn't going to argue with your wishes. Seems to me he's going to lay there and take whatever you give him. And this one even has a vibrating tongue. If your husband does want to join, he's got a butthole too.  

But I don't know what your husband's into. 

Sex dolls are a great opportunity to experiment though. Your husband might learn something new about himself -- or something he's always known, but didn't feel comfortable pursuing until now. 

Hypotheticals aside, my point is that sex dolls are perfect for trying out things you haven't been comfortable bringing up with a partner. 

Or perfect for introducing another partner that won't bring up feelings of jealousy.

Or introducing a plastic partner before the real deal. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

Introducing a plastic partner. 

You can find plenty a video of couples with sex dolls. The searches I did were purely research based...(I know, I know, I'm not fooling anyone). 

Worried about STDs? Ruining a relationship? Jealousy that may creep in? The third person being a real dud or a creep? 

Sex doll. 

Wanting to test the waters before inviting a third person to join? Does watching your partner fuck someone else sound hot -- but afraid the act may fall flat? 

Sex doll. 

This could be a safe space to experiment with double penetration, cuckolding or literally anything else that you're interested in.

Additionally, a sex doll can be a stand in for a partner who is unable to have sex due to medical or other reasons, an option for those who've lost their partner and are now widowed, those with disability who may not have partners readily available. 

What you need to know

As with most sexual endeavors, lube is a good bet. 

Try a lube that's compatible with all sex toys, like this Cyberskin water-based lube

Lube is important to have the best possible -- and most realistic experience. Not only this, but you don't want to damage your doll. Ripping or tearing a silicone vagina with your dick sounds quite unpleasant. I'm not going to lie to you. 

If your doll has removable parts (thinks vagina/mouth/booty hole), remove them to clean them out with cool or room temperature water. Make sure all fluids have been cleaned out before letting the pieces dry and reinserting them. Try a toy cleaner, just to be certain. 

Unless you're into fucking dolls -- and some people are, no judgement -- turn down the lights for a close to realistic, more intimate experience. 

Don't over inflate your doll. A little give means a longer life as well as a more life-like experience. 

Above all, have fun. We hope a doll brings opportunity for new experience for you or you and your partner. To get started, check out our collection here!

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