Hosting a Swinger Party: Our Top 5 Tips

Hosting a Swinger Party: Our Top 5 Tips

Those in the lifestyle love a good swinger party, but you may feel in over your head if you're looking to host one but never have before. You're in luck, however, as we know exactly what it takes to throw a swinger event that is memorable in all the right ways.

Set Your Guest List!

If you're an active member of the swinger community it's likely you already have a list of couples in mind that you want to invite. However, If you're new to swinging, it's not as if you can go up to couples in public and ask if they are swingers. Even if you get lucky and they are swingers, you have no way of knowing what they are like and if they are people you want to invite into your home. And asking your friends can be hit or miss and is definitely risky business. If you want a less risky approach that will yield great results, try looking for local swingers on sites like AdultFriendFinder. This offers you a safe place to pre-screen people you may be interested in inviting, plus you can get to know them well beforehand to see if they will click with the rest of your guests.

Set the Ground Rules

Creating a list of guidelines ahead of time will make certain your guests know what is to be expected of them ahead of time. For example, decide if your party will be full-swap or soft-swap and make sure everyone in attendance is on board with whatever you decide.

❗Soft-swap: No penetration with anyone outside of the coupling. 

❗Full-swap:  Penetration with someone other than your partner. 

Take this opportunity to decide if single males or unicorns will be allowed to attend or if you're going to limit the guest list to strictly couples. Safe sex is usually a requirement. Make certain guests know that before they arrive as well.

Provide Condoms and Other Pleasure Aids

It's important that your guests feel taken care of from the moment they arrive, so make sure you provide things like condoms, lube, and any other sexual aides they may need. You want your guests to focus on having a good time, so having these things handy is one less thing they'll need to worry about while they are meeting and mingling with other couples. Providing masks will also provide those who want to keep their identity disclosed comfortable. Masquerade masks always give the party a sexy vibe!

Provide Light Food & Drinks

Keep it light! You want to provide guests with sustenance to fuel the sexual activity they are about to partake in, but there is no need to provide a full meal as this is a sex party, not a dinner party. It's in everyone's best interest that you stick to light snacks and crudités that guests can snack on while chatting and/or taking a break between sessions. You can offer an array of non-alcoholic beverages for drinks to keep people hydrated like water and sparkling water. If you are going to provide alcohol, it's best to keep it light with a few wine or beer offerings. A drink or two is good to help people loosen up, but you don’t want anyone doing too many tequila shots -- it's never a fun time for the host to escort someone out and it's also never great the next day to feel as if you embarrassed yourself as a guest. We love swinger because they are a place for consenting adults to gather and explore their capacity for pleasure. You definitely don’t want anyone to get so drunk they are no longer able to consent.

Institute a Strict "No Photography" Policy

What happens at the party stays at the party! When people are attending a swinger party, they expect that it will be a private thing. Because of this, under no circumstances should anyone be taking photos of other guests without their prior consent. Should guests choose to take photos once they are in separate bedrooms and all parties involved have consented, that’s fine, but make sure no one is taking pictures in common areas where everyone may not be aware of what’s going on.

Make Safety a Top Priority

Make sure your guests always feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to escort someone out if they are being overly aggressive or not taking no for an answer. Making safety and consent a top priority will make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. Most often, this can be an issue at parties where single males are in attendance. You may want to take this into consideration when creating your guest list. Ultimately, what you should be providing is a clean, safe space for people to explore their sexuality and have a good time.

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