Planning an At-Home Bachelorette Party

Planning an At-Home Bachelorette Party

Whether COVID has limited your night-out options or the bride-to-be prefers a night in, planning an at-home bachelorette party has all the potential of a night out of bar-hopping, an afternoon of wine tasting or whatever else you might get into when going out. You’ll come to see that planning a night in might afford you the opportunity to get away with more than you could if you were out in public - all while you save money and celebrate more personably. 


Covid cancelled my bachelorette party so my fiancé put on some girl clothes and threw me a brunch in our living room😭 ##fyp ##fypage ##foryourpage

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If you’re looking to plan an at-home bachelorette party, consider No Limit Novelties your starting point for inspiration -- and party supplies if you’re looking for a classic bachelorette party including dick gummies, balloons, games and more!

Why Stay In? 

How to Entertain

Bringing the Night Out In


Benefits of Planning an At-Home Bachelorette Party

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Ultimately, no that when planning an at home bachelorette party, it should be what the bride wants! Always run your plans by her first to make certain the night and experience is the one she’s looking for. Why might she (or you) be leaning toward an at home party? For one - the skies the limit. You don’t have to worry about whether what you want is offered when you have the ability to create whatever experience at home. In the times we’re living in, it’s hard to know whether your favorite bar will be open, taking indoor guests or will be practicing distancing and masking that you’re comfortable with. 

Besides, there’s no lines, no crowds at home. Just the bride, her friends and those she wants to spend time with. There’s no table of people sitting next to you being a little too loud, no drunken group of guys trying to get in on your girls’ night. When you spend the night in, you can do whatever you want -- meaning there’s no need to have a typical or “normal” night in. Only your imagination is the limit, but we’ll fill you in on some ideas that can’t be beat! Let us know yours in the comments below. And, as an added bonus, you’re sure to save money and you won’t need to worry about what all the bridesmaids can afford.

At-Home Ideas

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So what are you going to do while you throw an at home party? Glad you asked. Here’s some ideas we compiled: 

At Home Spa: Think comfy robes, slippers, essential oil diffusers, jade rollers, mani pedi kits, candles and facemasks. 

Old School Sleepover: Watch classic rom-coms, eat snacks, wear facemasks - you know what a good sleepover looks like. 

Order in: Maybe food, maybe masseuse or manicurist - bring the stripper to you! 

Paint & Sip: You provide the wine and canvases.  

Try something a little woo-woo: Bring a psychic, tarot, palm or aura reader to your home for your night in.

Drop your ideas below! 

Party Supplies for a Classic Bachelorette Party

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Stripper Straws: Male & Female

Dick Balloons

Dick Cake Pans

Sashes: Same Penis Forever & Engayged 

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