Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

So one of your good friends is getting married and they’ve asked you to be a bridesmaid. While this is both flattering and exciting, it can also get a little stressful when it comes to planning the all-important bachelorette party. Whether you decide on a girl’s trip to somewhere fun like Las Vegas or you opt host a party at home, you’re probably starting to realize “whoa, I have a lot to do!”

Before you freak out, take a deep breath and keep reading. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to throw your bride a bachelorette party she’ll never forget!

Set Up a Planning Committee

You may think planning a bachelorette party is easy, but it’s not. So ask a few of your fellow bridesmaids for help, set up a contact list, and share it with the entire bridal party. This may sound unnecessary since you’re all connected to the bride, but she may have bridesmaids from different periods of her life (childhood, college, work, etc.) so there may be people in the party who don’t know each other.

Ask the Bride What She Wants

Sit down with the bride before planning starts and get an idea of what kind of bachelorette party she envisions for herself. Maybe she wants a stripper, maybe she doesn’t. Maybe she wants to paint the town red, or maybe she wants an intimate pleasure party at home with her closest friends. Whatever you do, just keep in mind that this is the bride’s special time to spend with her girls before she ventures off into married life. You can definitely set up some fun surprises, but make sure whatever you plan meets her expectations.

Set a Budget

Before you pick a location and time frame, decide how much everyone is willing to spend on the event. If it’s a simple party or girl’s night out, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down for those on a budget. If you’re thinking about a destination bachelorette party however, you need to make sure that’s something everyone in the party can afford before you start booking flights and making reservations.

Make a Shopping List

Regardless of where you have your bachelorette party, you’re going to need lots of goodies! The first thing on your list of essentials should be the bride-to-be’s veil and sash. It’s her day and her party, so a veil is an absolute must to help her stand out in the group. This is our best selling veil:

Bachelorette Light-Up Pecker Veil             Bachelorette Light-Up Pecker Veil

And this is our best selling sash:

                                    Bachelorette Party Sash


You’ll also need some favors for the bridal party so you can easily find each other in a dark bar or nightclub. Anything that lights up can definitely help because it’s easy to spot, even if you’re a bit…tipsy.

  Flashing Light-Up Pecker Headband


As for decorations, remember that details matter, right down to the cups and napkins. It will set the tone and let your guests know they’re in for a good time! Here are some of our favorite (and most affordable) decorations.

Cheers Bitches Party Banner             Last Night Out! Whilly Whack It Piñata


Foil Balloons - 9 Pack              Wild Williy's Party Plates - 10 Pack


Remember to Have Fun!

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s easy to get so caught up in the planning and execution that you forget to take it all in and have a great time with your girls. You’re making memories that will last the rest of your lives, so enjoy and take lots of pictures you can all look back at when you’re old and grey!


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