Benefits of sex in your relationship

Benefits of sex in your relationship

Sex is fun sure, but did you know it can help create a tighter bond in your relationship? We've broken down our points through the index below. Read on while we discuss the benefits of sex with the one you love. 

Sex on the brain

Tightening bonds

Days on end satisfaction

Psychological Benefits

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Your brain gets a huge surge of dopamine during orgasm. Dopamine is a "feel good" chemical that tells your brain what you are going is good. It acts as a "reward" of sorts.


During orgasm, our brains are also flooded with oxytocin, a chemical that makes us feel lovey and connected to another human. If this person we're having sex with is our partner, oxytocin helps us to form a tighter bond. 

Do you like to engage in post-sex cuddles? You can thank oxytocin!

In fewer words, sex makes you happy -- on a neurological level. 

Sex does wonders to lower your stress levels as well. Endorphins released during sex naturally boost your mood and reduce stress. 

And if you're in a relationship with a partner who ejaculates, semen contains both melatonin and serotonin -- if you're looking to be put in a good mood and be put to bed (continue to practice safe sex though, of course). 

For those who don't use condoms though, what a nice added bonus to getting it on!

And of course, with all of this information in mind, who would doubt that sex can improve our moods? 

Sex also improves our self-image for numerous reasons, noticing the ways in which our body is able to please others -- and ourselves boosts confidence and value for our bodies. 

Relationship Benefits

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Sex promotes overall well-being. The chemicals we discussed earlier, when released with your partner, help to bond the two of you.

Having sex with your partner also adds to the bank of positive memories the two of you have together. When times are trying, the bonds you've formed will help act as glue, cementing the two of you together and helping you to push through. 

Emotional connections often become tighter after sex. How often after sex while laying next to your partner have you complimented their technique, reiterated how much you liked something or disclosed something you might not have otherwise said. 

Sex helps us to physically become more comfortable and connected, but its incredibly important for emotional connections as well. Sharing secrets or information you wouldn't with anyone else forms close, tight bonds that are crucial. 

Sex also improves your relationship-esteem. 

In other words, you and your partner feel some sort of confidence in knowing you satisfy one another, are sexually attracted to one another -- that you know how to get each other off. 

This knowledge too, helps build a strong, long-lasting bond. It reassures us our relationships stand on steady ground. 

Additionally, if the love we have for one another feels as if it is at a lull, sex helps bring us back to those feelings. Sex can help rekindle diminished love through shared experience and chemical release.  

Sex Afterglow

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 Sexual afterglow is defined as an enhanced satisfaction, sexually, that hangs around after sex. 

This afterglow is said to last 24 to 48 hours following sex, meaning that having sex with your partner gives you feel good, I'm-happy-with-my-sex-life feelings for up to two whole days after getting down.

As for now, research has only been done on younger, recently married couples. But those who conducted the study hypothesize that the longer the relationship, the longer this sex afterglow lasts.

To learn more about afterglow, click here

Check out our latest video below on 10 Health Benefits of Regular Sex!

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