Role-Play: Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

Role-Play: Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

Role-playing is the perfect opportunity to watch your sexual fantasies come to life. Whether you have a taboo scenario in mind or you're looking to reignite passion with a long-term partner, there are many benefits to taking on a new persona in the bedroom - and only your imagination is the limit. 

Here we'll detail the basics on getting started, from choosing a scenario to getting down to it.

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Characters & Roles

Role-play can feel intimidating. It's easy to worry ourselves with the what-ifs, to imagine we'll say something strange, or that we'll feel cheesy (pizza delivery boy role-play, anyone?). 

Start off simple. Perhaps you're strangers, meeting for the first time. No need to dive in head first with a German dungeon porn scenario - unless you're up for that. 

Some role-play scenarios are, at their bare bones, about power dynamics. For example, think teacher/student, doctor/patient, or boss/secretary. A good place to begin could be just that - one partner is in charge, and the other does as they say. 

Sexual Role-Play Game

Sexual Role-Play

Alternatively, you and your partner may take on roles that aren't traditionally human at all, like pet play, in which one role-plays as a puppy or kitten.

Don't let this short list limit you and your partner, as the possibility for scenarios is inexhaustible. If it turns you on, it's on the table. Role-play offers opportunity to enact something you may never want to actually happen in real life or something you might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. 

In this way, your partner becomes a safe haven of sorts - a person to tell your most secret fantasies to; someone who is able to fulfill you in a way you haven't yet been. And of course, you'll be able to do the same for them. Choosing a role-play scenario with your partner is a great way to become closer and establish trust, all while bringing out undiscovered parts of one another. 

Setting the Scene & Safe Words 

It's important that everyone is on the same page in order to have the best experience. Before you start, its vital that the two of you discuss what you want to get from role-playing together.

What's arousing about taking on the persona of a criminal? What might you want a police officer to do - and what would you do to get out of trouble? 

Black handcuffs

Black Beginners Handcuffs

In short, what turns you on - and just as important, is there anything that's a turn-off? 

By discussing the details of the scenario you want to act out, it's more likely guaranteed that everyone's desires will be fulfilled and that the two of you can steer clear of something that would result in an unsavory experience.

Additionally, if anyone becomes uncomfortable or playing together goes in an undesired direction, it is important to have a safe word in place. 

Getting into Character

You've decided on the role-play scenario, know what each person is hoping to get from the experience, and you have a safe word - just in case. What now? 

Stepping into a character may at first feel uncomfortable or nerve-wracking. Try to remember that there is a reason you and your partner have made it this far in planning, and this experience has opportunity to bring you closer, all while satisfying parts of you previously hidden to one another.

While dirty talk is a good place to start, dressing the role or adding props may help act the part and leave your inhibitions behind. The possibilities are endless. Perhaps you'll want a ruler for spanking to go with your school girl uniform, or a pink tail to match this lace up bunny ear mask

Blonde woman wearing black leather lace-up bunny mask

Try a pair of handcuffs for a cop and criminal scenario or a naughty nurse costume for the best bedside care you've ever had. And for animalistic fantasies, you can't go wrong with this Foxxx Tail anal plug - just don't forget the collar and leash!

Role-play is a great way to reignite passion way, leave your inhibitions behind and take on a new persona with a partner you trust. The best part? You have one of the leading roles in your own personal fantasy. Have fun!


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