This Is The Best Sex Accessory For You Based On Your Star Sign

This Is The Best Sex Accessory For You Based On Your Star Sign

So you want to purchase a new sex gear for you and your lover, but you don’t know which one can give you the most pleasure. Well, guess what? Your zodiac sign can help you choose!



Even if you're not into astrology, it’s still fun to know that zodiac signs can say a lot about our sex life. The stars can help reveal what your favorite sex position might be, what turns you on, what you often fantasize about, and which bedroom toys you like best. Some signs prefer rough sex (Scorpio, Aries) and will likely enjoy hardcore BDSM gears, while other signs want it slow and romantic (Cancer, Pisces) and are better suited for simple toys with no frills.

Whatever your personality type and sexual preferences are, there’s a love toy made for you. Below are the sex gears that will satisfy you well on bed, according to your astrological sign. 


What an Aries wants, Aries gets. People who are born under this fire sign are impulsive and impatient. Foreplays are not their forte because they like everything to be quick, raw, and dirty. 

In the bedroom, Aries likes to take control. They are a natural dominator who enjoys the choking, hair pulling, and ass spanking kind of stuff. Thanks to their ruling planet, Mars, which governs energy and sex drive, they’ve been gifted with incredible stamina ready to please their partner (or themselves) all night long.

Are you an Aries? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

A faux leather braided whip for that perfect balance of pleasure and pain. Check out some BDSM basics, in case you need a little refresher.  




The Bull loves romance and pleasurable experiences. They probably got this trait from their ruling planet, Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus enjoys teasing, touching, kissing, and doesn't mind giving up control in the bedroom. They are willing to be blindfolded and tied up as long as they can feel ticklish sensations. 

Are you a Taurus? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Handcuffs to keep you helpless and allow your partner to take the lead. 


If you’re born under the sign of the twins, you want to keep sex light and playful. You love thrills, experimentations, and tons of foreplay. And since Geminis are known for their chatty nature, it’s no surprise they’ll get highly turned on by dirty talks and oral play.

Are you a Gemini? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Clit suckers that simulate the sensation of oral sex.


Cancers are not a fan of animalistic sex or random acts of lovemaking. Being symbolized by the crab, they need to feel safe and comfortable with their partner before breaking free from their shells. This sensitive water sign prefers serious relationships and deep emotional intimacy.

Are you a Cancer? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Lubes, creams, and massage oils to enhance the passion between you and your lover and bring you even closer together. 


Just like lions, Leos are aggressive and keen on proving they are the kings of the jungle. These fire signs have a strong desire to be in control of everything. They are a ball of energy that also loves to show off and perform in the bedroom, even when they're alone. They enjoy theatrical sexual acts, and they love it more when they have an audience. Masturbating while watching themselves in the mirror or filming their solo performance turns them on big time.

Are you a Leo? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Naughty costumes and sexy lingeries for some cinematic role-playing before getting into the main act. (New to role-playing? Here’s an intro.)




Forget about that “virgin” thing. Virgos are actually horny individuals. They are game to try anything as long as it is not messy. Good hygiene and cleanliness are a big deal for people born under this perfectionist sign. Unlike the other zodiacs, they get more aroused by humor, cleverness, romantic writing, and intellectual conversations. 

Are you a Virgo? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Intimacy board games, card games, and adult puzzles to get you in the mood. You may shop here!


For this elegant air sign, it's all about fairness and finding the right balance. One-sided pleasure is a no-no for them. It should always be give and take. As Libras relish intimacy, they also want to make sure their lover is having a great time. Watching their partner reach their climax is what turns them on. And since they believe in balance, there's no surprise the classic "69" is their favorite, go-to sex position. 

Are you a Libra? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

A double-ended dildo to pleasure both you and your bedroom playmate at the same time.


Ruled by Pluto, the God of the Underworld, Scorpios are the most sexual of all the zodiacs. No other sign is as wild and kinky as they are. They enjoy intense foreplay, experimentations, and pursuing taboo sexual acts. Seriously, they aren’t called the “sex sign” for no reason. Scorpios are greatly turned on by dominance, submission, and sadism. 

Are you a Scorpio? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

Ball gags, nipple clamps, and ben wa balls. Take a closer look at some BDSM gears here. 




If Scorpio is the wildest sign, Sagittarius is the most adventurous. Commitments and labels are not their cups of tea. They enjoy freedom, experimentation, and trying out new and exciting experiences. As playful lovers with a carefree attitude, casual sex and one-night stands are what make Sagis the happiest. They love pleasuring themselves in risky places because nothing is more arousing than getting nearly caught.

Are you a Sagittarius? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

A small and travel-friendly pulsating panty teaser for intense pleasure on the go. 


As the bosses of the star signs, Capricorns live by the rules. They are serious, dedicated, and determined when it comes to sex. They know exactly what they want and have no interest in messing around. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and maturity, Capricorns prefer practicality but are still up to try something new every once in a while. 

Are you a Capricorn? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

The powerful Magic Wand to meet your high expectations.


Unlike Capricorns, Aquarians hate rules. In fact, they get more aroused by anything that breaks the norms. People born under this air sign are all from freedom and independence. Most of the time, they don’t need a partner by their side. They can pleasure themselves by experimenting with fetishes and different bedroom toys. Their love for revolutionary sex gadgets probably comes from their ruler, Uranus, the planet that governs technology. 

Are you an Aquarius? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

A curved rimming butt plug to spice up your solo masturbation sessions. 


Pisces people are dreamy and romantic mermaids who love to fantasize. Nothing turns them on like passionate foreplays and intimate lovemaking under the sheets. They are very gentle when it comes to sex but can be incredibly seductive when they're deeply in love. As a water sign, Pisces people are no stranger to self-pleasuring and fun quickies in bathrooms.

Are you a Pisces? Here’s the best sex accessory for you:

A waterproof Jack Rabbit vibrator for your naughty bath adventures. 



Of course, any sex accessory can give you the pleasure and satisfaction you’re looking for. But there’s nothing wrong with finding out what’s written in the stars and playing with the gears that really match your personality.

Did our recommended toys fit your zodiac? Let us know in the comments! 

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