Premium Lube - 4 Fl. Oz. (118ml)

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Experience ultimate ecstasy with Premium Lube!

This high qualify, water-based lubricatant is smooth and slick for maximum coverage and long-lasting results. It's suitable for use with all erotic toys and is great for spontaneous amorous action. Glide a little lube onto your sweet spots and erogenous zones, then enjoy prolonged and tantalizing pleasure.

Premium Lube is unscented and infused with soothing Comfry and relaxing Chamomile. The smooth and silky lube is easy to apply, and also recommended for use with toys. Increase your friction stimulation ecstasy by ensuring that you lube up your love holes before penetrative play. This lube is designed for use during every intimate encounter. Apply the the lube to your preferred pleasure zone and get ready to experience mind-blowing arousal and stimulation as the formula creates the perfect sliding and gliding action. Use for vaginal intercourse or anal probing that blows your mind.

After sensual seduction and ultimate climax, the lube washes off easily with mild soapy water.