Keeping your relationship in tact while the world is falling apart

Keeping your relationship in tact while the world is falling apart

Starting to think you’ll have a homicide charge against you by the time this is all said and done? 

Hopefully that's an exaggeration, but we didn’t want to neglect those who weren’t included in our last blog post, those of you who have the pleasure of self-isolating with your partner. 

And look, we get it, it may be hard to see it that way at times, but there aren’t many other instances in which you’ll get the chance to spend this much time with the person you love. 

After some alone time, catching up with friends and a walk around the block, we’re sure you’ll be able to get back to appreciating this extra time you have with one another. 

And maybe not. 

But it's certainly worth a try. You’re home together either way, you might as well put in some effort. 

(And if you’re midway through the criminal investigation and remember No Limit Novelties, you can’t say we didn’t try to help.) 

Schedule alone time

Get out of the house

Plan a call with a friend

Practice empathy


Together, take time apart.

At the beginning of all this, sleeping in was fun. 

Day 24, waking up at 11 a.m. made you feel as if  your life was falling apart.

Spending endless days that bleed into the next can be much the same -- it's important that you know at some point, it’ll be just you and your thoughts. Or you and a nap. Or you and a movie. Paint your nails, pet your dog, try a new recipe, summon a demon, knit a sweater -- you get the point.
You eat around the same time everyday, it wouldn’t hurt to add some scheduled alone time as well. 

Come up with a personal project to work on in your alone time, something that’s all you. And there's no need to feel guilty for using your alone time to masturbate -- just don't exhaust your funds and leave your partner hanging. 

When your alone time is up, you know your partner couldn’t have gone far. 

It's the beauty of quarantine. 

Get out of the house.

But don’t go far, your options are limited here.

If you live in a neighborhood that allows you to go for a walk, do so. If you need to drive or bus  to a local park, that’ll be great too. 

That dog you pet earlier would surely love to go on a walk. He’s the only one not tired of seeing you yet. 

Break out the rollerblades, put some air in your bike’s tires or just put your legs to use and go on a good, long walk. 

Nature never looked so good. Who knew it’d take staring at your ceiling day in and out to truly appreciate the blueness of the sky. 

A change of scenery does wonders, is what we’re saying. 

By the time you get back home you’ll feel refreshed -- promise.

Catch up with family and friends

When you see the same person day in and out -- and only that person, it becomes all too easy to rely on them for all your needs. 

And one person cannot meet all your emotional needs. 

There’s a reason we join book clubs, write on online forums about the video games and movies we love, chat with colleagues about sports and reality TV or call our moms when we’re feeling sad. 

Just because you can’t see these people doesn’t mean you should let these relationships quiet or slow. Especially when we have the ability to Facetime or text any of these people. 

Try and schedule a call with one of these people in your life as often as possible. 

It’ll certainly help you keep your sanity. 

Practice empathy

We speak a lot on the importance of communicating. 

Voicing how you’re feeling is really the difference between a functioning and a dying relationship. 

While we’re making our way through this time, it's especially important to make an even greater effort and step into a place of empathy. 

Consider the circumstances that may create a shift in your partner's mood, whether it be a lay-off, working on the frontlines, a change in roles from “breadwinner” to becoming dependent on other resources -- any shift can cause a shift in your partner. 

The pandemic has impacted everyone’s mental health, and taking the time to better understand what your partner is going through can only benefit your relationship.

Step 5 -- 

spend time together until you’re sick of one another and repeat. 



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