Together while you're apart: Digital dates & mutual masturbation

Together while you're apart: Digital dates & mutual masturbation

How is social distancing affecting your sex life? 

Maybe you’re working at full-capacity, getting it on at an all time high while you’re trapped in close quarters with your partner. Maybe your genitals are begging for a break, pleading you to not rub one out even one more time. Or maybe you’re spending some time without your partner. 

Our lives are being disrupted in a multitude of ways, and being without creature comforts -- especially the touch of the ones we love (or hey, maybe even just like, you can miss meet ups with a FWB too), is tough -- now more than ever. 

We’ve compiled a list of things to try for those who are currently without the ones they get it on with. By the end of this all, being together will be better than ever.


For something romantic: Digital date night

For something a little spicy: Sexting

For something red hot: (Adult) Film Night



Digital Dates

Dinner, movie & mutual masturbation -- 

It sounds like a nice night to us too.

You might not be able to go out for dinner or see that new movie together (or take eachother home at the end of the night) -- but date night is about to go digital. 

Here’s what we envision: 

  1. Get ready. Just because you’ve been on the couch all day doesn’t mean you’re getting away with wearing your sweats to your digi-date. Put on something nice and prep to see your sweetheart on Skype. 
  2. Dinner at two tables. You’re right -- this is going to be a little cheesy, but there’s something fun in that and you can’t convince us otherwise. Set the table and FaceTime. 
  3. Movie on the couch. If you want to get into something a little more comfortable, don’t let us stop you. Put on something the two of you have been wanting to watch. And if you want my recommendation, watch Tiger King.
  4. And if at the end of the night, you want to move things to the bedroom (so to speak), feel free to add a step 4. 


Ever send a sext while doing something very unsexy? Like the dishes or your taxes?

Sexting can be a casual, fun thing to keep your sex life interesting while physical touch is off the table.

Or it can be scheduled, and integrated into your nightly masturbation. 

Get yourself off or get hot and bothered, it's up to you.

Don’t let yourself be limited by written word, either -- while it can certainly do the trick, a picture or video every now and then is a fun way to add a little flair. Just make sure your partner is up for sending and/or receiving (you’ve heard enough about unwanted dick pics and we hope you don’t need a lecture). 

If you’re feeling a little nervous or hesitant, there’s no need to rush in. 

Start by telling your partner the parts of them you miss… and then build up to what you’d do to them if you were together. 

(Adult) Film Night

It’s like movie night, but with more nakedness.

The idea behind it is quite the same, though. The two of you pick something that looks interesting to the both of you. Or maybe one of you chooses something you’d both enjoy. 

Get comfy, pop some popcorn and take your pants off. 

Kidding about the popcorn. 

Get comfy, put on the chosen porn and take your pants off. Give your partner a call so the two of you can feel connected while you watch. If it leads to phone sex, who’s arguing? 

And if PornHub isn’t cutting it for the two of you, here’s some sites you may find more inclusive:

However you choose to keep in touch during this time, remember that distance makes the heart grow stronger. 


Also lust. 

It definitely makes lust grow stronger. 


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